Traditional sanding discs are sanding discs on paper backing, which also have a Velcro fastening system (in the past, PSA fastening system was also used). Such velsystem sanding discs are practical because they can be replaced quickly and easily.

Traditional sanding discs made of C832S material are available in Ø75 mm, Ø115 mm, Ø125 mm, Ø150 mm and Ø200 mm. These sanding discs are on latex paper backing. Their bonding is resin over resin, their sanding grain is aluminium oxide with semi-open coating and additional feature is stearate. Grit sizes P40 – P800 are available. To set the grit size sequence, only change up to a maximum of two grit sizes between one phase and the next, for example from grit P80 to grit P120.

Traditional sanding discs are without holes or with the following placement of holes:


Prices of traditional of C832S material sanding discs start from 0.17 EUR/pc. This month’s products discount is 10% for all traditional of C832S material sanding discs.

Traditional sanding discs are for application on eccentric sanders, which have a backing pad with a suitable density and thickness. For example, for medium stock removal, prefer harder backing pad, for finishing prefer thicker and softer backing pad. Check the Velcro fastening system attachment with sufficient frequency and replace the sanding disc if damaged, broken or with weak attachment.