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Dynorbital Extreme

Hereby we introduce the most refined random orbital sander Dynorbital Extreme. The Dynorbital Extreme boasts the greatest power and most consistent speed, which together allows quickly and reliably produce the desired finish. At the same time ergonomic features allow right- or left-handed operators to work safely and comfortably throughout their day. […]

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Silco Hobby PC bandsaw blades for wood cutting

Hakansson Sagblad AB Silco bandsaw blades are made from high silicon steel to achieve high flexibility, performance and economical cutting. These blades are suitable above all for cutting wood, but also aluminium, brass, copper, lead, zinc, graphite, fibreglass, plastic and other non-ferrous materials. […]

2018-07-26T15:03:25+00:0030.07.2018|Product of the month|

Lonbrade velsystem film disc Ø150 mm

Lonbrade consists of an extremely smooth PET film that guarantees even and perfectly planar abrasive distribution. The newly designed resin and a layer of especially effective anti-clogging layer make the Lonbrade product perfect for all hard surfaces where constant removal and a scratch-free even finish are required. […]

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