Morakniv Adventure is a unique adventure that combines three areas: sloyd, bushcraft and outdoors. Participants of the Morakniv Adventure spend together 4 days in nature where Morakniv ambassadors teach them new skills that help to survive in nature.

The participants have four days to experience something unusual in the deep woods of Mora, Sweden. Morakniv Adventure is open for everyone from the age of 18 and does not require previous experience of outdoor life. Only some physical form, best shoes and weatherproof clothing would be desirable.

Morakniv Adventure starts with an exclusive tour of the Morakniv factory. After that the participants proceed to the Adventure Base Camp. This is where the real adventure begins. In the following days, you can participate in various workshops and other activities carried out by Morakniv ambassadors. In the workshops you can learn everything from wood carving to new skills for practical use in outdoor life. You must bring your own fishing gear, tent with overnight equipment and personal items. Food and drinks, as well as the knives that are necessary for participating in workshops and other activities are included in the adventure price. The adventure begins and ends in Mora. So, you must also cover the travelling cost to Mora and back. People from all around the world come to participate in the Morakniv Adventure camp.

Morakniv Adventure is primarily the sharing of bushcraft and survival skills outdoors. Follow the information on Morakniv’s website about Morakniv Adventure 2020.