Our cooperation partners

Nastroflex S.p.A. occupies the leading position in the production of coated abrasives on flexible bases. The products of the company are mainly targeted for wood, furniture and metal industry but are also used in other industries such as tannery, textile and automotive industry etc. The company has been active in that area for more than 40 years. At first the company focused on the conversion of abrasives but the acquisition of the Grinco trademark enabled the company to produce by itself. After the acquisition of the Crocodile trademark patents necessary in the area of chemistry were added. Such activity has made Nastroflex S.p.A. one of the leading producers of abrasives in the world.

By using the power of abrasives different shapes can be created with utmost perfection. One should imitate the nature, draw inspiration therefrom and create new technologies.


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Unosand UK Ltd. produces equipment and all types of brushes for sanding and interim sanding and sells sanding machines. More than 40 years of experience in finishing with abrasives gives Unosand UK Ltd. team the opportunity to offer unique solutions in that area. In addition, their sanding strips system can be integrated with many world-leading sanding and interim sanding systems.

Take contact and let optimise the sanding systems of your production!


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The trademark Quickwood encompasses the biggest selection of sanding and interim sanding machines in the world. The capacity of the Gibbs Sandtech Ltd. to service both large and small-scale customers has turned it into a company with whom it’s good to cooperate. At the same time, their ability to offer standard and unique sanding machines which meet the customer’s demands, forces them to develop constantly

and stay on the top.


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Hakansson Sagblad AB has operated in Amal, Sweden for more than 120 years in the production of hardened band saw blades with a flexible back for metal and food industry with the objective of making cutting easy. Hakansson Sagblad AB is focused on the high technical level of production, optimum cutting economy and top quality. Every day their products are delivered all over the world. The customers should feel that Hakansson Sagblad AB is the best possible partner with the reliability and service life of products, competitive prices and on-time deliveries.

You can always rely on them!


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Knives which people use all over the world have been made in Mora, Sweden for more than 120 years. Mora knife has become one of the most recognised symbols in Sweden such as the red wooden Dala horse or Vasaloppet marathon. Valuing the history, traditions, know-how and skills of the former and present masters and modern technology, top-quality knives are produced for different areas of life. Sharpness, strength, flexibility, long service life and high quality – these are the positive arguments which give the competitive advantage to Mora knives and make

Mora knives a natural part in your everyday professional work. Mora knives are also known under the trademark Frosts. 


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