Awutek OY is a company that operates since 1976 with the present seat in Finland, Raisio. The company offers new and used equipment and machines with verified reliability alongside with a wide package of services for wood-processing companies. The most important thing for them is the satisfaction and trust of their customers. They have grown together with the needs of their customers.
The present conditions enable to set up machines and equipment for display in their working mode so that the customers will instantly get a better understanding of their working principle. Possibilities for holding seminars, trainings and workshops have also been created.

The industrial robots seminar took place on 18 September 2018 and was targeted to small, medium and large enterprises to introduce robotic solutions for the furniture, door and window industry and other wood industry.

The seminar composed of the following areas:

 the opportunities for use of industrial robots and the latest news; a summary of the robots used in the wood industry was made by Bacci Automation s.r.l. representative on the basis of the products manufactured and supplied there; an overview of own experiences was also made by the user of a Bacci robot;

 Superfici Elmag S.p.A. colouring robots – features of a modern spray robot for small and large series;

 products demos;

Lots were drawn among all the participants in the seminar with the grand prize being a drill chuck. We are grateful to the organisers of the seminar and for the opportunity to participate therein!