Morakniv AB manufactures a complete range of hoof trimming knives, which have been developed in close collaboration with farriers and veterinarians. All knives are available for both left- and right-handed use and some of the knives can be used in both hands. They are equipped with a high quality steel blade and the knives are all efficient, easy to work with and can be easily honed.

Double-edge knife for hoof trimming is made from cold-rolled special stainless steel and has a birch wood handle.

Blade thickness 2,5 mm
Blade lenght 80 mm
Total lenght 206 mm
Weight 89 g

The price of the double-edge knife for hoof trimming is  21.00 EUR. The product of the month is offered at a 10% discount.

In addition to the double-edge knife for hoof trimming, the other hoof trimming and toeing knives and the exclusive Chris Gregory collection, the result of a unique collaboration, are also available. Farrier Cris Gregory’s profound knowledge of the characteristics of a really good farrier’s knife has been invaluable, and the result is both beautiful and effective, a perfect combination of form and functionality.

There is certainly something for everyone among the hoof trimming knives of Morakniv AB. In other words, every farrier can find their new favourite tool from the hoof trimming knives of Morakniv AB.