//High gloss fine finishing discs

High gloss fine finishing discs

The high gloss furniture style originates from the 90’s Italy and it is valued worldwide. Therefore, the best materials and the best know-how for high-gloss fine finishing originate from Italy as well.

When buying furniture, the surface finish is what the customer looks at first. Whatever the finishing material – polyester, acrylic or polyurethane coating you use, we have solutions to ensure that the coated surface reaches a high gloss fine finish.

Product nameL312T
Backing materialfim PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate film, which is a thermoplastic polymer)
Bondingresin over resin
Grain/abrasivealuminium oxide
Coatingclosed (the abrasive placement is dense)
Additional featuresstearate
Grit rangeP400 – P2000
Applicationfor sanding polyester or acrylic coated surfaces
Productsdiscs with velcro Ø75 mm without holes;

discs with velcro Ø150 mm with 8+1 holes, 15 holes, 6 holes or without holes;

narrow belts without velcro (dimensions according to customer’s order).

Prices of the high gloss fine finishing discs with the dimension Ø75 mm start from 0.37 EUR/pc and with the dimension Ø150 mm start from 0.57 EUR/pc. This month’s product discount is 10%.

Using high gloss fine finishing discs for finishing the surface, the result is a furniture surface that is like a mirror.

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