Let’s look back for a moment and share three facts about your consumption of the sanding materials.

If you used sanding materials in your manufacture or in own activities last year, then it is the right moment to sum up the quantities of the sanding materials consumed and the amount of costs involved.

In order to benefit from the use of the sanding materials, new opportunities and new solutions must be tested.

We forecast that you can save up to 15-20% per year on the costs of the sanding materials, when you look for well-considered solutions.

There is a saving potential in every production and consumption and as a rule, you can say that where no particular attention has been paid to cost economy so far, it is not difficult to save 15-20% per year. By changing your consumption habits, you can certainly do it. First of all you should consider how small changes can reduce the consumption of the sanding materials. The biggest saving potential is often possible with the introduction of more long-lasting and economical sanding materials. The changes you make can pay off quite quickly. Next you should look at your pricing policy, because the lowest price does not guarantee the best i.e a more long-lasting and economical sanding material.

Small changes may have a high impact. Here are six saving tips to reduce the cost of the sanding materials:

If you are a user of the sanding discs and sanding sheets, replace the traditional sanding discs and sanding sheets against the PET film base or net base sanding discs and sanding sheets;

If you are a user of the orbital sander, replace the old orbital sanders against the new and perfect orbital sanders characterized by power, comfort and performance;

If possible, use the sanding accessories such as graphite coated canvas, felt, Chevron belt to achieve a better finish;

Train yourself or the sanding operators to use the abrasives correctly;

Find a reliable partner in the field of the abrasives, who is not only a supplier of the abrasives but also an advisor, trainer and solution provider in this field;

If possible, replace the manual sanding operations with the use of the sanding and denibbing brushes, as their use is affordable.