As an alternative to sanding paper or sanding cloth upon manual sanding, it is possible to use sanding sponges, which are very practical. The sanding sponge consists of a layer of soft foam, the two wider sides of which are coated with abrasives.

Typical applications of the sanding sponge are:

for sanding wood, plastic and metal

especially suited for sanding shaped parts or profiles (frames, turned surfaces etc.)

used for intermediate sanding of the finishing materials

suitable for home users

Product namedouble-sided sanding sponge with dimensions 120x98x13 mm
Backing materialfoam
Grain/abrasivealuminium oxide
Coatingclosed (the abrasive placement is dense)
Additional featuressoft foam density
Grit rangeP120 and P180
Applicationfor dry or wet manual sanding

They can be cleaned to remove clogs!

Prices of the double-sided sanding sponge with dimensions 120x98x13 mm and with grit size P120 or P180 are 0.40 EUR/pc. This month’s product discount is 10%.

The different density of the foam core and the use by hand may achieve such finishing results which are not quite comparable to the results of finishing with the use of the sandpaper. The comparison parameters for sanding with the sandpaper would be as follows:

finishing resultis comparable to the results of finishing
with the sanding sponge P120with the sanding paper P240
with the sanding sponge P180with the sanding paper P320

These comparison parameters are only indicative, and the final result of sanding with a sanding sponge is still dependent on the user.