Chevron belt is a base belt, which is used in wide belts sanders to improve the contact surface between the abrasive belt and the contact pad.

A chevron belt together with the sanding belt gives a good sanding result. Chevron belts are available either:

  • with felt strips on cloth or antistatic rubber backing
  • with graphite strips on cloth backing

The standard chevron belt is a pressured base belt of the V-shaped or diagonal felt with a width of 20 mm for the strip and 20 mm for the pitch. The dimension, density and distance of the strips affect the finish. For example, soft and dense strips improve the finish. Hard and distant strips improve the calibration. Graphite strips are used for coarse grain belts intended for sanding raw veneered wood or panels. Always use the best fit chevron belt in the sanding machine. Check the condition of the belt strips often because they wear out, get damaged and age in time, significantly deteriorating the result of work. Avoid using the chevron belt against sharp corners to avoid damaging the felt or graphite strips. Standard chevron belts size table:

Width of the chevron belt (mm)Features
120hard felt strips 3.5 mm thickness – cloth backing
135/140felt strips 3.5 or 5.5 mm thickness – cloth backing
135/140hard felt strips 3.5 mm thickness – cloth backing
150/160felt strips 3.5 or 5.5 mm thickness – cloth backing
150/160hard felt strips 3.5 mm thickness – cloth backing

Generally, chevron belts are manufactured to the desired dimensions and backing according to customer orders. The prices for chevron belts start from 71.00 EUR/running meter. The product of the month is offered at a 10% discount for all ordered chevron belts.