Morakniv has developed the new floating serrated knife for the offshore industry with thoughtful features that make it a perfect fit for a wide range of activities on and off the water.

It is the first version of a brand-new handle technology featuring a highly visible orange polymer core surrounded by cork, ensuring the knife will not only float but be easily spotted if it’s dropped in the water. The ergonomic handle provides a comfortable and secure grip in wet or dry conditions and doesn’t conduct cold. The thin serrated stainless steel blade is specially designed to cut rope, nylon, net and other fibres, with a rounded tip and robust finger guard to prevent injury.

The sheath is made of the same highly visible orange polymer and it is easy to connect to your belt, backpack or lifesaving vest by the clip. The sheath has also a smart button that allows the user to connect and link several Morakniv knives together depending on the user’s preferences.

Product namefloating serrated knife
Net weight83 gr
Gross weight91 gr
Blade thickness1.4 mm
Blade length96 mm
Knife length235 mm
Blade materialstainless steel
Handle material and colornatural cork
Sheath material and colorhighly visible orange polymer

The price of the floating serrated knife is 24.00 EUR. The product of the month is offered at a 10% discount.

The floating serrated knife is a very lightweight knife and suitable for sailors, fishermen, paddlers and other water sports enthusiasts. Floating serrated knife is a part of you and your marine life.