Hultafors talmeter 3m is a marking out measure tape. White durable steel tape is in a shockproof ABS plastic case. Combined marking and measurement edges allow to measure and mark out both external and internal lengths and diagonals. Measurement scale on the back of the talmeter tape allows measuring the diameter. The compass function helps to mark out round shapes. The special measurement tab can be easily folded out for internal measurements. The measure tape is always locked in normal mode.

Hultafors talmeter 3m is graduated in millimetres with 16 mm blade width. Talmeter is certified to EC class II. Read more about the accuracy class of tape measures in our blog post: How accurate are tape measures really? (published on 30.07.2017). With diameter measurement scale it is possible to measure up to 0.92 m measure diameter. The measure tape and special measurement tab can be replaced and are available as spare parts.

The features of the talmeter:

  • internal and external measurement with marking out
  • diameter measurement with scale on the reverse side of the measure tape
  • the talmeter has a compass function to mark out round shapes
  • the scale is always locked in normal position
  • it is easy to push in and out the special measurement tab

In addition to the talmeter 3m, the talmeter 3m VP is also available, specially designed for working on hot surfaces or with ventilation pipes. The difference of the VP is that the mm and diameter scale are the same front side of the blade measure tape. The price of the talmeter 3m and talmeter 3m VP are 23.00 EUR. The product of the month is offered at a 10% discount.