We all want to get high-quality products from our suppliers. In case of sanding belts, good quality alone is not sufficient if the products are not transported, handled and stored correctly.


In their design sanding belts are sensitive to changes in the temperature and humidity. At low humidity, the sanding belts will bend convex – positive deflection and at high humidity, the sanding belts will bend concave – negative deflection. This bending has an adverse effect on sanding and the result of work.

The following rules should be followed to avoid damage to the sanding belts and to maintain the performance of the products:

never leave the sanding belts (also in the package) directly on a cement floor

never leave the sanding belts (also in the package) next to heat devices, outer walls or in direct sunlight

avoid sudden changes of the temperature and humidity. Ideal storage conditions require temperatures between 18 and 22 ° C and relative humidity between 45 and 65%

use previously purchased sanding belts and open the package only when the sanding belt will be used

when removing from the package, make sure that the sanding belts does not get any bending damages. If the package is broken, leave the sanding belts to hang.


The hanger must be parallel to the floor and wide enough for the edges of the sanding belt to hang completely parallel. The distance between the hangers must be wide enough to prevent the sanding belts from coming into contact. The hanger must not have any sharp projections.

The lifetime of sanding belts is not calculated from the placement of the sanding belt in the sanding machine, but their adoption for handling and storage. Proper storage provides the best sanding result and therefore low sanding costs. When the sanding belts are stored and handled correctly, they keep their shape and cutting properties for a long time.


In addition we note that Nastroflex S.p.A., the reseller of whose productions Tooltech OÜ is, supplies sanding belts in a package with Propasec desiccant bags to prevent major moisture fluctuations. Propasec desiccant bags represent the most successful and safe solution to reduce the humidity level inside your packaging. Propasec desiccant bags are made from a natural mineral material which makes them a safe, environment-friendly product.