The talmeter is the invention of Swedish engineer Ture Anders Ljungberg. When Ljungberg was in the process of renovating his house, he found that there were a number of technical shortcomings in the measurement tools in use at that moment.

He started to experiment and, by 1954, he had developed a completely new, smart multi-functional measurement tool. The product was given the name Talmeter after the initials of its inventor (TAL), along with the addition of ‘METER’. Since then, the talmeter has been improved and now there is a new generation of marking out measuring tapes.

Whether to use the traditional measuring tapes or talmeter? If you must choose, the talmeter will revolutionize your work, facilitating measuring and marking in a range of situations. In this part the talmeter from Hultafors has facilitated the work of craftsmen for decades. What makes the talmeter marking measure so special is the fact that you can take a measurement and then mark it directly onto your work-piece, without even reading off the scale to verify the length. Thanks to the combined measuring and marking edges and a firm brake you can keep your set measurement and securely transfer it to any object. Furthermore, it is equally simple to take both internal and external measurements, diagonals, diameters and circumferences. All with just one tool:

  • the combined measurement and marking edges allow you to take your measurement and then transfer that measurement to your workpiece, so that reading the measurement becomes unnecessary
  • measures internal lengths just as quickly and simply as external lengths
  • the special measurement tab is designed to make internal measurements just as easy to take as external measurements
  • may be used as a compass for marking out round shapes
  • the stiff, yet flexible tape makes easy to measure diameters and circumferences

Talmeters are available in lengths of 2, 3 and 6 meters. The multi-functionality of the talmeter is what makes it a very useful measuring tool.