Hereby we introduce the most refined random orbital sander Dynorbital Extreme. The Dynorbital Extreme boasts the greatest power and most consistent speed, which together allows quickly and reliably produce the desired finish. At the same time ergonomic features allow right- or left-handed operators to work safely and comfortably throughout their day.

Extreme power: New motor design of the Dynorbital Extreme means the best power-to-weight ratio, while it enhances power with less friction. The new motor design means the most consistent working speed under load, so working at 92% of the rated tool speed which is 12 000 rounds per minute.

Extreme comfort: Ergonomic design of the Dynorbital Extreme means, above all, an integrated comfort platform and soft grip for the operator. Recessed throttle lever eliminates pinch and pressure points on the operator’s palm.

Extreme performance: With the Dynorbital Extreme it is possible to achieve good finishing with less time. The patented sanding pads have lower vibration due to less weight. Dynorbital Extreme is made from the highest quality materials which guarantee durability and longevity.

Dynorbital Extreme is available in 12 models. The models of the sander are divided based on the orbital diameter, vacuum type and the sanding pads diameter as follows: with the orbital diameter 2.5 mm or 5 mm; central vacuum or non-vacuum; with the sanding pads Ø150 mm or Ø125 mm. Because of the universal sanding pad, the placement of holes is not important. Traditional, long-lasting or net discs with grit size P40-P500 can be used.

Depending on the set of additional equipment of the sander, the price of Dynorbital Extreme can reach up to 370 EUR. This month’s product discount is 10%.

The Dynorbital Extreme can be described by power, comfort and performance!