Use of an innovative net technology in the production of sanding materials is already a long-term process. The pioneer in this field has been Mirka. Now, other manufacturers have also entered the market with products based on net technology.

Net technology is different from the traditional sanding technologies. In case of the net technology, the backing material is knitted fabric onto which the abrasive is bonded (mesh abrasive). Thousands of small holes in the mesh abrasive ensure the continuous dust removal. As dust is removed from the space between the abrasive and the sanded surface, it means that the abrasive grains cut the surface more efficiently. Because the dust is being continuously removed, sanding is virtually dust-free. Keeping the abrasive and the sanding surface constantly dust-free extends the lifespan of the abrasive. Since the abrasive maintains its aggressive properties over the entire surface, sanding becomes more even and efficient, improving the quality of work. Since you can always monitor and control the sanding process, it also excludes over-sanding, for example. At the same time there is no danger of the sanded dust filling up the sanding disc and creating grooves on the sanding surface.

Therefore we can definitely state that the new innovative net technology is a dust-free sanding system that is long-lasting and clogging-free. It can also be considered an universal product as it is suitable for filler, wood and painted surfaces and composite materials. In terms of the working environment risks and the related serious health problems it is a major step towards improving the employees’ health, work conditions, efficiency and motivation.

MORE EFFICIENT (abrasive is more aggressive and cuts the surface more efficiently) MORE EXPENSIVE (compared to the traditional sanding materials)
LONG-LASTING (abrasive is clogging-free and has a longer lifespan)
MORE ECONOMICAL (reduced time and consumables)
BETTER QUALITY (improves the quality of work)
SUSTAINABLE (sustains health and working environment)