In our blog post published on 30 June 2018 we wrote how wood aging gives wood an antique look and what opportunities there are for wood aging at all. As the wood aging is an interesting theme, we will add another way to age wood. This possibility is the so-called saw effect.

The saw effect means that the work surface is aged with sanding belts. To do this, first, the work surface with a coarse sanding belt is sanded crosswise and then with a finer sanding belt is sanded longitudinally. The coarse grit size could be in the range of P24-P36 and the finer grit size in the range of P120-P150. The choice of the finer grit size depends primarily on the desired end result.

The best result of the saw effect is expected to be on soft wood types. As a result of the saw effect, the microporous work surface is covered crosswise with more or less regular signs, which give the wood a tactile and aged look.

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