For the different work operations in the woodworking industry, QuickWood has developed modular oscillating brush wheels which  can be combined with different brushes/sanding units to achieve an excellent finish even for difficult surfaces and profiles.

The QN brush is made up of a 12 mm thick plastic core with a diameter of 125 mm allowing easy insertion of 18/24 tufts of the desired material with the desired length. Tynex fibres are used as brushes which must have a coarse grit to achieve the effect of aging. Model QN is delivered as a red and a blue wheel. A QN set brush wheels must be mounted on the spindle alternating between each other (red and blue) with a set of QS intermediate wheels until the required width is formed top/bottom flanges. The need for brush wheels is calculated as follows: spindle (mm) – top/bottom flanges (20 mm) / brush wheels thickness (12 mm).

The tynex fibre brushes are the best for treating soft wood (such as pine, spruce etc.) For treating hard wood (such as ash, oak etc.) it would be necessary to use steel fibre brushes. When using the tynex fibre brushes, sanding prior to finishing is not necessary because these brushes also have abrasive particles. When using the steel fibre brushes, sanding (with grit P180) prior to finishing is necessary.

As this month’s product we offer the following QN set brush wheels for use with the drill: QN tynex fibre brush wheels 3 pc, QS intermediate wheels 2 pc and spindle Hobby Head F3 for the drill 1 pc. The price of the QN set brush wheels is 130.00 EUR. The product of the month is offered at a 10% discount.

Thickness of the brush wheel 12 mm
Internal diameter of the brush wheel 125 mm
External diameter of the brush wheel (standard) 270 mm
Shaft diameter Ø30 – Ø32 – Ø50 (hexagon)
Weight of unit with brush wheel 70-100 g
Recommended speed 500 – 1500 g/min
QN set brush wheels must be mounted on the spindle with a set of QS intermediate wheels between top/bottom flanges

By using the QN set brush wheels of Quickwood you can give a more unique and interesting surface to the wood.