Since the beginning of the 1960’s the development of abrasive materials has been continuous and fast to better conform to technical requirements. At the present, the focus on researching product that are wished to be treated with abrasives, is the determining factor on this journey. The best example is Open Max – the new abrasive material for sanding resin wood (spruce, pine).


The benefits of Open Max  when sanding resin wood (spruse, pine) are: longer lifetime; less resin and dust stuck on the grains; less burning stripes on the details. The technical data of Open Max:

Backing F-paper It’s a stronger and thicker paper, whose weight is 270-300 g/m²
Grain/abrasive Aluminium oxide
Bonding Resin/resin The abrasive is fixed to the resin in the first layer  of and also covered with resin
Coating Extra open structure The abrasive placement is sparse
Joint R-overlap on paper
Additional feature Antistatic Does not drive electricity
Grit range P40 – P180
Range of use Soft wood (spruse, pine) In addition the automotive and leather industry

Open Max is used to make rolls, narrow and wide belts. There are made according to the customer’s order. The order they must note the width of the belts in mm, the lenght of the belts in mm, the grit size and quantity. A special monthly offer is a 10% discount  for all products from Open Max.

Customers are very pleased with Open Max products – they last longer, the details and the machines are cleaner and the sanding result is super!