Pro series is the new generation of professional knives made by Morakniv. Pro series knives are an extension and development of the classic knives models. Like all Morakniv knives, Pro series professional knives are reliable and solid tools.


The Pro-S knife has a slightly larger blade, which can withstand higher loads and is made of stainless steel. Stainless steel stays sharp for a long time and is the best choice when working in an outdoor environment.

The handle of the Pro-S knife has been brought to a completely new level. The grip is ergonomically formed and made of thermoplastic rubber, giving it optimal friction. And since rubber doesn’t conduct the cold, you can also work outdoors or in colder environments without your hands freezing.

The sheath of the Pro-S knife is equipped with a smart button lock that makes it easy to attach the sheath to your workwear or detach it. The smart button lock makes it possible to connect and link several knives.

Price of the Pro-S professional knife is 9.00 EUR. This month’s product discount is 10%.

In addition to Pro-S professional knife, the other Pro series knives are also available:

Pro-S Pro-C  Safe Precision Flex Chisel Rope Robust
Blade thickness 2,0 mm 2,0 mm 2,0 mm 2,0 mm 1,3 mm 3,1 mm 2,0 mm 3,2 mm
Blade lenght 91 mm 91 mm 82 mm 75 mm 88 mm 75 mm 91 mm 91 mm
Total lenght 206 mm 206 mm 198 mm 191 mm 203 mm 193 mm 206 mm 206 mm

The quality, design and sharpness of the Morakniv knives have been their hall-mark for over 125 years. Morakniv is always with you – whether on your belt or in your toolbox!