For industrial consumers and amateurs, who have a sanding machine with a spindle, we recommend pneumatic air sanding rollers type QW-4 for sanding the edge or contour of details. The pneumatic air sanding rollers QW-4 are inflated through a valve using a compressed air gun or a pump, the pressure being dependent on the workpiece to be sanded.

The pneumatic air sanding rollers QW-4 are available in six sizes:

QW-4 60/115 75/115 110/115 110/170 150/230 220/230
Diameter ( ≈ mm)  60 74 110 110 146 210
Sanding width (≈ mm) 110 110 120 165 230 230
Sanding sleeve (width x length mm) 110 x 182 110 x 233 120 x 345 165 x 345 230 x 475 230 x 712
Fixing (mm) Ø20 Ø30 Ø30 Ø30 Ø30 Ø30
Weight (kg) 0,4 0,5 1,0 1,3 2,4 3,5

The sanding speed of pneumatic air sanding rollers QW-4 is in the range from 1500 – 3600 r.p.m. The sanding rollers QW-4 sets are equipped with canvas on top of the rubber sleeve and one sanding sleeve with grit size P100. Sanding sleeves with different grit size and flexibility can be matched with the sanding rollers. The sanding rollers QW-4 prices start from 110 EUR.  This month’s product discount is 10%!


The sanding rollers of the QuickWood system are suitable for sanding wood and also metal, plastic, rubber, leather and other surfaces. In addition to the QW-4 type sanding rollers, QW-6H type pneumatic air sanding rollers are also available to be used with a drillchuck and QW-7 type pneumatic air sanding rollers to be fixed to a drilling machine.