Tormek T-4 is a high-quality machine that is ideal for production and home hobby work and allows to sharpen all common edge tools. The sharpening system with the perfect water cooling solution, allowing the maximum sharpness of edge tools. The innovative sharpening system of Tormek is appreciated all over the world because it is universal, accurate and easy to use.

Dimensions of Tormek T-4: width 230 mm, depth 200 mm, height 260 mm and gross weight 9.8 kg. The products set includes a Ø200×40 mm Tormek Original Grindstone, a Ø145×26 mm leather honing wheel, Angle Master WM-200, stainless steel spindle and fastening set, housing (zinc cast top and frame, sides from impact proof ABS plastic), industrial one-phase motor 120W, honing compound and a thorough Tormek sharpening handbook. Configure Tormek T-4 with different jigs according to the tools you wish to sharpen. The jigs are sold separately and the recommended jigs for Tormek T-4 would be the following: a jig for knives, small knives, long knives, scissors, axes, short tools, gouges, drill bits and multi jig.

The price of Tormek T-4 is 354.00 EUR. A special montly product is offered at a 10% discount. The product has a 7-year warranty.

10 reasons to choose the prefect sharpening system Tormek T-4:

  • Sharpens all edge tools. With the wide range of unique and patented Tormek jigs, you can sharpen practically any type of edge tool.
  • Exact replication, i.e., you can shape the tool exactly to your needs.
  • Cleanest edge. You finish the sharpening process by honing and polishing the edge on the honing wheel.
  • Fast sharpening.
  • Full control. At the low speed, you have full control of the sharpening and remove no more steel then necessary.
  • No risk of overheating.
  • Powerful motor and unique gear system.
  • Efficient grinding wheels.
  • Safe and quiet. Since the grinding residue are collected into water, there is no grinding dust in the air as well as no sparks.
  • Quality and work performance.

By investing into the perfect sharpening system Tormek T-4, you do not ever have to work with blunt tools again!