Knives that people use all over the world have been made in Mora for more than 125 years. Mora knife has become one of the most recognised symbols in Sweden such as the red wooden Dala horse or the Vasaloppet marathon. Valuing the history, traditions, professional skills and knowledge of the previous and present masters and modern technology, top-quality knives are produced for different areas in life.

In February 2016 we received an invitation from Morakniv to participate in the celebrations of their 125th anniversary. They also sent us the programme of the 2-days event which seemed very intriguing.  The event was to take place on 26 and 27 May in 2016. What was it all about then?!?

Mora is located in North Sweden ca 400 km from Stockholm and ca 70 km from Falun to the North. When in Estonia it was nice and sunny spring weather with temperature above 20 degrees at that time, then in Mora it was just 10 degrees and raining. Therefore a pretty lousy weather for skiing, however nobody complained about it. You could only blame yourself for not taking along the right kind of clothes. And the organisers kindly distributed complimentary wellies for everyone who needed them …

The customers of Morakniv are all over the world in approximately 50 different countries. The representatives of approximately 30 countries were present. Were also present the ambassadors of Morakniv with whom everyday product development is performed hand in hand. The following ambassadors participated in the celebrations and conducted workshops: Beth Moen – the master carpenter; Dave Canterbury – the bushcrafter; Johan Skullman – the survival expert; Jögge Sundqvist – the craftsman.

The events that took place on Thursday morning 26 May were the following: meeting with the team, presentation, a tour around the production and workshops. The production workers, ITP staff, the management and the guests all sat down for lunch at one long table. After lunch we all headed to Tollagarden camp in Gesunda at Lake Silja where the guests were accommodated in tents or cabins according to everyone’s request. For that moment the official part was over and festivities were to follow. Everyone headed to Lake Silja for a boat trip. Namely, old traditions have been restored in that area – church boats which were used for going to church in the past. In order to get a boat like that moving, the strength of 20 rowers and a coxswain is needed. We did not get to church but enjoyed our time on the lake though…. Dinner in the camp was accompanied by local musicians.

Friday, 27 May started with the favourite activities at everyone’s own choice – orientation on the landscape, kayaking, sailing or participating in a handicraft workshop. We chose to participate in Jögge Sundqvist’s handicraft workshop by making „nothing to do“ sticks and butter knives. It was a very interesting experience broadening our manual skills as well as our horizon. After that we also had the chance to visit the museum of the artist Anders Zorn in Mora and the production enterprise of the Dala horse. Both are valuable places of interest for Mora.

The grande finale i.e the formal dinner of the anniversary took place again on Lake Silja on the old steamboat Gustaf Wasa. The party on board was in great spirits and we were sad to leave but the organisers had one more surprise in store for us – the grandiose opening of the new Morakniv store took place in the centre of Mora. And finally when the night came we still had to leave to meet again in 25 years… We are grateful to the organisers for the event to remember and for the opportunity to participate therein!

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