Sun Net is a new generation sanding material that is virtually dust-free. Its unique net construction ensures the effective removal of dust from the surface of the workpiece.

Because the Sun Net backing material is a mesh with thousands of small holes, the dust particles are removed from the entire surface of the sanding material through these holes. In addition to dust-free sanding, the special abrasive coating method prevents the clogging problem.

Product nameX313T
Backing materialKnitted fabric
BondingResin over resin
Grain/abrasiveAluminum Oxide
CoatingClosed (the abrasive placement is dense)
Available (standard) gritP80, P100, P120, P150, P180, P220, P240, P280, P320, P360, P400, P500, P600
AdvantageHigh cutting performance without clogging; good sharpness; long life-time; good dust suction
ApplicationWood working (solid or painted wood); metal industry (nonferrous metals); plastic processing and others
ProductsDiscs with velcro Ø125 or Ø150 mm; sheets with velcro 70×125 mm or 81×133 mm for application on sanders, eccentric- and orbital sanders, also for manual sanding

Prices of Sun Net X313T discs with the dimension of Ø150 mm start from 0.80 EUR/pc. This month’s product discount is 10%.

Compared to the traditional sanding materials, Sun Net maintains its aggressive properties much longer. A more efficient sanding process means that less consumables are needed, dust-free solution means better finishing quality and a cleaner working environment.